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Best Beach Umbrella of 2019:

It’s always fun to visit the beach swim, participate in various sports and even sunbathe. Regardless of how fun it is, it’s always important to make sure that you are protected from the harmful UV rays. Therefore it would be wise for you to carry a beach umbrella in case you need to relax. This will provide you with a shade thus protecting you from direct sun rays. Although there are umbrellas for rent on the beach, it more economical to purchase one if you are a frequent visitor. Below are some of the Best Beach Umbrella of 2019: Reviews with Comparisons.

Beach BUB Umbrella System

Apart from this beach umbrella protecting you from direct sunlight is easy to carry. This umbrella has a beachBUB base. The base ensures that the umbrella sits strong on the sand such that it can’t be blown away by the wind. The umbrella is very spacious. This because it opens up to 7.5′ wide. This means that you will have enough and save place to relax after getting tired with other activities. Despite having a huge size, this umbrella is very light thus making it easy to carry. The only disadvantage about this umbrella is that its height pole isn’t adjustable; thus it’s not that flexible.

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella

Unlike the beachBUB umbrella system, this is a personal umbrella. Thus it’s a small compact and lightweight umbrella. Despite all these properties it’s spacious enough to protect you from direct UV rays. Unlike the above beach umbrella, it has a lot of adjustable options. This includes a 360which ensures you are completely covered by the umbrella. It also has a strong stand-up base which makes sure it’s stable on the sand. Unlike most umbrella, it’s very versatile. This because you can adjust how wide it opens. Despite being light, it comes with a carrying cage where you can store it after use.

AMMSUN Outdoor Beach Umbrella

This is a standard, durable beach umbrella. Although it’s not wide enough it will protect you from direct sunlight. Like any other beach umbrellas, it’s made of high-quality material which ensures your continued protection. At a glance, this is one of the most beautiful beach umbrellas on the market. Another unique feature is that this umbrella has a sturdy steel pole. Thus the umbrella is durable and very strong. Finally, it has a vent at the top which increases its stability. This is by ensuring the beach umbrella can withstand strong wind even better.

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella

If you are looking for a cheap beach umbrella that will get the job done this is the perfect product for you. Despite being very wide, it also has a vent at the top. Therefore it will not only protect you from direct UV rays, but it has the ability to withstand strong wind. Finally, it has 2 part aluminum pole which increases its stability. At the bottom of the pole lies a sand anchor which prevents the umbrella from being tilted by the wind.…