cycling vacation

Tips for Your First Cycling Vacation

Taking a bike trip is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. You have to choose the right bike for such an expedition. Mountain bikes are the best because they allow you to traverse different terrains.

You can go through them to identify which one stands out for your cycling vacation. Pedaling to your vacation destination is easier than you think. Put aside all those comments you have heard about the lack of infrastructure, the insecurity, get in shape, and prepare your saddlebags. Taking a trip with a greater mileage by bicycle is within your reach.

Measure Your Physical Condition

Riding the bikebike holiday is a low-impact exercise, or at least, I think about it that way because I don’t compete. Anyone with good health, improved physical condition, and determination can travel distances that would otherwise be impossible for them.

On a bike trip, you set the guidelines, the kilometers, what you want to do and what not, but above all, the time you want to pedal. Know yourself, measure your physical condition, do not force yourself, do not attempt feats, take the time necessary to cover the kilometers you have planned, and remember that from the beginning of the journey, the cycle traveler’s vacation begins there.

The Bicycle for the Trip

Although it is not essential to have an expensive or special bicycle for cycling, if it will be easier and more useful to use one that has gears, yes, your bike must be in perfect mechanical condition. It is recommended that you install luggage racks and preferably use saddlebags and not a backpack to carry your luggage. Remember to carry essentials like food and water.

This will help you move your equipment without carrying it directly, which will make things much easier for you. The seat is an essential part. It must be comfortable since you will spend hours on it, and it is also good to put some handlebar extensions (horns) to have a change in the position of the hands.

Travel Alone or in a Team

Cycle tourism can be practicedcycling vacation individually and as a team. Join a group that makes this type of outings to support you during the tour, and you can learn from colleagues who have more experience. Enjoy your trip, and remember that cycling is the best way to get to know the places you pass through and become part of the landscape.…